Turn fantasies into reality. REALISE your Dreams!

REALISE is a costume brand producing the finest exotic Swimwear and Lingerie. With REALISE suits, your imagination and fantasies fuse and become Reality. Realization of your dreams and turning them into Reality — that’s REALISE!

REALISE inspires Realization. We use REALISE to inspire Reality — of your Dreams.


Made in Japan with Japanese sourced high tech materials. Discover style and comfort in bespoke costumes made with care and attention to detail.

Try these suits and turn your imagination into reality.




With our technology and skilled couture, we turn your ideas into reality

We combine our exclusively manufactured rubberized materials to make attention grabbing rubberized and shiny swimwear.

Exotic “glossy fabric”, exclusive to REALISE, are combined with reflective, sheer or super shiny knits to make unique Swimwear available only at REALISE.



never stops
changing its role.


Our costume made a great attention to the public as soon as we have launched them. Thank you all.

And to our surprise, some artists were inspired by the products and began to draw our costumes!

As new swimming costumes are available, and they are on the works of graphic artists. Who could imagine that?

We believe this incredible trend was


made possible by great artisans with amazing technology and Japanese creators supporting subcultures in Japan.

We will invent new products with two mottos;
only Japan can make,
only now we can make.

As a swimming wear, as a costume and an iconic symbol, we promise to produce amazing products.


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